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What Are the Most Important Human Factors in Healthcare?

Reading Time: 5 minutes People often ask us, “What are the most important human factors in healthcare?” Well, it depends. For handheld surgical tools, we focus on the biomechanics of the hand and the wrist, ensuring that the wrist…

Mitigating Moderator Bias in Human Factors Research

Reading Time: 4 minutes Bias in Human Factors Interviews Moderating interviews is crucial to conducting human factors or user experience (UX) research. A usability test is the moment of truth to get the data we need. Obtaining the best…

Human Factors Engineering and Gestalt Design Principles

Reading Time: 5 minutes Introduction: Human Factors and Gestalt Research Collective approaches Human Factors from a Cognitive Psychology perspective. We believe that to develop products that serve the needs of people, it is crucial to understand how the human…