We help make medical products safer.

By integrating human factors principles, we help ensure product safety and optimize user satisfaction.

We provide research-driven insights from concept to compliance.


Generative user research

Whether we are informing user interface design for current or next generation products, we utilize a variety of methods like contextual inquiry and task analysis to define user needs and constraints, identify use-related risks, and create use specifications. Those inputs are then translated into user interface design goals and requirements.

Evaluative user research

As design concepts start to take shape, we employ methods such as usability testing (including formative and summative studies), expert reviews, and heuristic evaluations to assess and iterate on the user interface design.

Regulatory strategy & compliance

We work with our partners to strategically navigate, implement, and comply with human factors standards and guidance (FDA, IEC, MHRA, AAMI, etc.) to meet their specific product needs.

Instructional material development

Understanding the whole device user interface is important so we work with our partners to approach the design of instructions for use (IFU) with same consideration as the device itself, ensuring they are designed for their intended users and environment.

Physiological research

We identify and analyze what users say as well as what they do. By using a variety of methods such as eye-tracking, heart rate variability, EEG, and galvanic skin response, we are able to understand user-device interactions through detection of automatic bodily responses.

We are with you from start to finish.

Our expertise spans the entire product lifecycle. Our meticulous post-market evaluations lead to ongoing improvements to your products by integrating real-world user feedback and usage data.

We drive success.

Our specialized focus in healthcare human factors research enables your products to stand out in the competitive global medical device industry.

Our rigorous approach identifies and mitigates use-related risks and enhances usability, leading to medical products that meet the needs of real-world users.

We apply human factors research to any product in healthcare.

Some of our most recent projects are highlighted below.



Imaging systems
Kinematic analysis
In vitro diagnostics
Image analysis
Biopsy systems

Drug delivery

Injection devices
Infusion pump programmers
Drug delivery devices
Medication dispensing


Glucose meter
Monitors and pumps
Remote patient monitoring
Patient monitors
At home diagnostics

Electronic medicine

Electronic medicine records
Telemedicine platforms
Health-related Mobile Apps
Wearable devices
Robotic surgical systems


Cardiac surgery devices
Artificial organs
Catheter delivery systems
Pacemakers Defibrillators
Vascular devices
Blood flow meters

Therapy assistance

Wheelchair accessible vehicles
Assistive walking devices
Negative pressure wound therapy
Pain treatment
Therapeutic & wellness devices

Training & IFU

Training programs
Reprocessing procedures
Instructions for use (IFU)
Online education software
Clinician training programs

And more…

Rare diseases
Hemophilia products
Home infusion
Reproductive health
Ophthalmologic devices
OTC products

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