We improve the interactions between people & their products.

Our mission

Research Collective is a unique human factors consultancy whose purpose is to humanize healthcare. We help companies design useful, desirable, and safe healthcare products.

Medicine has evolved rapidly. 
Today, human factors expertise is crucial for creating safe and successful products.


Medical error is a big deal.

In the last 100 years, medicine has evolved from having only a few tools to tens of thousands. With the rapid change has come more risk for error. Medical error is a leading cause of death worldwide. We strive to change that.

By the numbers


Years of research & innovation

Science and research are at the core of what we do. While we were founded in 2013, our team’s research experience is robust.


Types of medical products

From endoscopes to artificial hearts and Ophthalmology to robotic surgery, we’ve made hundreds of products safer and more usable.


Research participants in 2023

More than 1,200 patients, caregivers, and healthcare providers have participated in our human factors projects in 2023 alone.

Our team

We believe our team is the key to our success. Over the years, we’ve collected a melting pot of experiences, backgrounds, and specialized degrees, but there’s one common denominator- everyone has a desire to help make a difference.

Suzanne Biel photo

Suzanne Biel

Recruiting Coordinator

Greta Bowman photo

Greta Bowman

Director, Operations

Russell Branaghan photo

Russell Branaghan


Tonya Branaghan photo

Tonya Branaghan

VP of Operations

Felicia Dominguez photo

Felicia Dominguez

Experience Coordinator

Lina Dunbar photo

Lina Dunbar

Operations Specialist

Bryant Foster photo

Bryant Foster

Sr. VP, Human Factors & UX

Maya Gonczi photo

Maya Gonczi

Senior Human Factors Scientist

Emily Hildebrand photo

Emily Hildebrand

VP, Human Factors & UX

Logan Markwell photo

Logan Markwell

Human Factors Scientist

Colby Merkt photo

Colby Merkt

Human Factors Researcher

Melody Moore photo

Melody Moore

Human Factors Scientist

Anders Orn photo

Anders Orn

Director, Human Factors

Elyse Rossman photo

Elyse Rossman

Human Factors Scientist

Hannah Rusak-Gillrie photo

Hannah Rusak-Gillrie

Senior Human Factors Scientist

Sarfaraz Shamji photo

Sarfaraz Shamji

Human Factors Scientist

Sarai Westbrook photo

Sarai Westbrook

Human Factors Scientist

Let’s chat!

We’re always on the lookout for colleagues who are eager to improve lives through healthcare human factors. We value individuals who are curious, solution-oriented, and collaborative. Pet lovers welcomed!