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About Us

Research Collective is a usability consultancy and lab located in Tempe, Arizona facilitating research studies on an array of consumer goods, medical devices and equipment, instructions & package design and more. Usability testing helps companies gain insight on how to make their products intuitive, safe and efficient. This type of consumer-product interaction testing helps ensure a product’s usability and desirability and it can also help minimize risks.

Our Services

Research Collective offers a wide range of services to fit your usability research needs.

Our experienced staff is ready to provide their knowledge and guide your company to a better product  with the use of our top-notch facilities and effective research practices.

We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service and work hard to help them ensure their products are intuitive, efficient, and fit for their consumers.

Let Research Collective help your company’s product become the best it can be…

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  • Human Factors & User Experience Consulting

    Our staff combine for a wealth of experience in human factors and usability experience studies. We offer consulting services to help guide your company to a better product.

  • Research Participant Recruiting

    Using our Collective Voice database, we can provide your company with research participants for your next study and allow your product to better connect with consumers.

  • Usability Labs & Testing

    Leasing our facility gives you access to Research Collective’s usability labs and services, and allows you to test your product in a professionally controlled environment.

  • And Much More...

    There’s much more… with a wide variety of services, we are fully prepared to fill all of your needs in your next usability study. Let Research Collective help guide you!

Our Facilities

With the use of our facilities you will receive access to:

    • A large participant studio, big enough for usability testing, participatory design or focus groups, with natural light and observation window
    • A large conference room for training, testing and focus groups
    • Surgical Suite Setting (available on request)
    • Onsite Audio and Video equipment
    • Onsite or remote A/V streaming
    • Client Service Specialist
    • Work Space
    • Accessible and easy parking

Lease our state of the art consumer research and usability lab or partner with us for your next usability test!

Join Our Database

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Lend Your Voice

As the consumer, your voice really matters. Companies know that and they want to hear from you to help create a product that works for everyone.

Make a Difference

Your help can make a difference in allowing companies to create products that are intuitive, safe, and efficient for all consumers.

Share your Opinion

Companies value input from their customers. Sharing your opinion helps to improve the product’s design and provide consumers with the highest quality.

Earn Money

Get paid to make a difference… companies will compensate you for your time, with typical payments ranging from $75 to $200, depending on the study.