Web User Experience

Websites and applications are the cornerstones of today’s industries. As experts in the field of user experience research let us help identify ways to optimize your design and content. We’ll work together with you to build web user experiences your consumers will love.

Usability Testing

Watch as your target users interact with your website or mobile app – see which aspects they enjoy, find frustrating or confusing. Our team will uncover the characteristics that will help your website meet users’ needs and improve the user experience.
web user experience_usability testing

Competitive Benchmarking

Curious about how your website stacks up to the competition? A benchmark study uses key metrics to compare your website to your competitors.
web user experience_competitive benchmarking

Early-Stage Prototype Evaluation

Before your website or app goes live, our team can help you evaluate early designs (e.g.paper prototypes, wireframes, and functional prototypes) to ensure a successful launch.
web user experience_prototype

Eye Tracking

This is the future of human-centered design research. You see what the user sees – as well as what they miss. Find out what your users focus on, how long they spend looking at key assets (e.g., images, buttons, icons), and the gaze paths they take between them.
web user experience_eye tracking