A Safe & Sanitary Research Environment

The Research Collective team continues to work diligently to adapt and provide a safe research environment during this unprecedented time. We have enhanced our procedures to ensure the safety and health of our participants, clients, and staff. Using CDC recommendations, we are following strict procedures to provide peace of mind and a clean, safe environment where quality research can be conducted.

2. Personal Protective Equipment

All individuals must wear a mask. Disposable masks and gloves are provided to all participants to wear at their discretion. Research Collective staff members wear disposable masks at all times during interactions with others, (e.g., colleagues, participants, guests, clients, etc.). A plexiglass shield is placed between the researcher and participant to limit the transmission of air-borne particles

3. Hand Washing & Sanitation

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer and a hand-washing sink with soap is available at all times. Participants are encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water as needed throughout the session. Staff members wash their hands thoroughly before and after each participant session, and throughout the day.

4. Limited Number of People & Social Distancing

A limited number of people are allowed in our facility at any given time to maximize social distancing efforts. Researchers maintain a distance of 6 feet between themselves and participants at all times, study permitting. Physical distancing guidelines are reinforced by markers on the floor and verbal reminders.

5. Limited Touchpoints

Any food and/or beverages must be individually wrapped and sealed. Common office articles, such as magazines or candy bowls, have been removed. Doors will be propped open and hard surfaces in the reception area will be kept clean (i.e., tables, chairs, door handles, pens, clipboards, etc.).

6. Symptom Monitoring

Before a participant is invited into our facility, Research Collective staff will ask the participant to confirm they are feeling healthy and not exhibiting any flu-like symptoms. This confirmation will occur via telephone, during the final confirmation of each participant’s appointment. Any staff, client, or participant who exhibits any flu-like symptoms WILL NOT be permitted onsite and will stay at home for a minimum of 2 weeks before returning.

7. UVC Light

Test materials (i.e., plastics, metals, electronics) are disinfected between study sessions in our table-sized, opaque light box using UVC light. This has been used for disinfectant purposes in the hospital environment for decades and has been found to neutralize forms of coronaviruses (e.g., MERS-CoV) in under 5 minutes.

8. Air Filtration & Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important aspect of in-person studies during the COVID-19 pandemic. We use a dual-stage, air filtration unit inside our lab as it is on par with hospital laboratories. All units operate at a low sound frequency below average conversation volume to avoid distraction and keep audio recordings sounding clear.
Research Collective continues to monitor official coronavirus (COVID-19) updates and will modify these procedures as needed and based on the advice of government leaders, public health authorities, and medical professionals. Even though our specialty is research, our priority is the safety and wellbeing of our clients, participants and research team. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at (480) 247-7182.