Our Team at Research Collective

We combine multi-industry experience and extensive training to conduct human factors research of the highest quality. With significant experience in research design, fielding, advanced statistical analysis, and actionable reporting, our team helps answer the questions clients care about, enabling them to make informed, confident decisions.


Greta Bowman is involved in all things “efficiency”. From business development and strategy to operations and client liaison, Greta is driven by a passion to succeed by helping others do so. She applies this philosophy to all her relationships with customers, which ensures budgets are met, research questions are answered, and goals are achieved. Drawing upon her unique background at a product design consultancy for the past 11 years, Greta has experience wearing many hats and uses her background to improve every aspect of our team.

Greta Bowman

Director of Client Experience

As Vice President of Human Factors and User Experience, Bryant guides human factors efforts for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, automakers, consumer product manufacturers, and more. Bryant has guided surgical instruments, combination products, home-use devices, and OTC products to FDA clearance or approval. Bryant’s automotive research experience includes in-vehicle infotainment systems, automated driving systems, and audio/visual navigation tools.

Bryant Foster

VP of Human Factors & User Experience

Anders Orn leads and conducts human factors research in a variety of fields, with a concentration in the automotive user experience and medical human factors. Anders believes that communication with clients is of the utmost of importance, and dedicates attention accordingly to facilitate efficient, thorough, and successful human factors evaluations. While he is a “jack-of-all-trades” with involvement in all aspects of human factors research, Anders excels in automotive and medical device usability testing.

Anders Orn

Human Factors Scientist

With over 20 years of industry experience and consulting, Dr. Russell J. Branaghan brings expertise and vision to Research Collective as our Scientific Advisor. Russ currently serves as Chair of the HFES Product Design Technical Group, is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Human Factors, and is on the Advisory Board for Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation. Additionally, as a Professor of Cognitive Psychology and Human Factors (Arizona State University) and Visiting Professor (Northwestern University), Russ is committed to the advancement of knowledge in our field.

Russell Branaghan


Dr. Emily Hildebrand is a cognitive scientist specializing in human factors, with 10+ years of healthcare-specific experience. She leads usability, product design, and user-experience-related projects for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 clients across a variety of fields. She also has extensive experience in product failure analysis and expert witness litigation support for medical devices. Emily has a Ph.D. in Applied Cognitive Science from Arizona State University. She has performed research on medical device usability and work processes at the VA and Mayo Clinic. Her research culminated in guidance recommendations to FDA and AAMI for improving the usability of medical device interfaces.

Emily Hildebrand

Director of Human Factors

Natalie is passionate about human-centered design and enjoys contributing to research projects in a number of ways. She is involved in planning, conducting, and analyzing data for various types of usability studies and human factors research projects. She has experience with automotive user experience, medical human factors, and graphic design. Natalie is determined to help generate innovative resolutions and promote safe, efficient, and overall positive experiences.

Natalie Sheehan

Human Factors Scientist

Tonya Branaghan comes from the hospitality and event management industry, where she managed associations, coordinated conventions and trade shows, and served in hotel management. As a result, her team of Client Service Specialists excel at customer service, taking care of even the smallest details. This team ensures that everyone – colleagues, clients, and participants – are provided with the best data, and the best experience possible.

Tonya Branaghan

VP of Operations

As a Senior Human Factors Scientist, Joe O’Brian has over 5 years of experience conducting human factors research for major automotive, healthcare, and educational organizations. Joe approaches human factors from a robust, analytical, and data-driven perspective, which allows him to conduct research at the highest level. Additionally, Joe has published literature on judgment and decision-making, education and technology, and educational ergonomics. He is also Research Collective’s in-house biometrics expert.

Joe O’Brian

Senior Human Factors Scientist

From screener development to fielding to data analysis, Sarai Westbrook completes all aspects of human factors projects. Her human factors experience includes medical device evaluations, consumer research, product usability, and product design, but Sarai specializes in medical human factors research. Her attention to detail and focus contribute to exceptional medical human factors reporting. Additionally, she touts experience as a licensed pharmacy technician and previously worked as a clinical administrator at the Apothecary Shops of Tucson.

Sarai Westbrook

Human Factors Researcher