We combine multi-industry experience and extensive training to conduct human factors research of the highest quality. With significant experience in research design, fielding, advanced statistical analysis, and actionable reporting, our team helps answer the questions clients care about, enabling them to make informed, confident decisions.

Anika Bausom photo

Anika Bausom

Senior UX Designer

Suzanne Biel photo

Suzanne Biel

Recruiting Coordinator

Greta Bowman photo

Greta Bowman

Director, Operations

Russell Branaghan photo

Russell Branaghan


Tonya Branaghan photo

Tonya Branaghan

VP of Operations

Anastasia Diamond photo

Anastasia Diamond

Human Factors Scientist

Lina Dunbar photo

Lina Dunbar

Operations Specialist

Lizzie Einarson photo

Lizzie Einarson

Senior Human Factors Scientist

Bryant Foster photo

Bryant Foster

Sr. VP, Human Factors & UX

Maya Gonczi photo

Maya Gonczi

Human Factors Scientist

Emily Hildebrand photo

Emily Hildebrand

VP, Human Factors & UX

Jordyn Koenig photo

Jordyn Koenig

Human Factors Scientist

Colby Merkt photo

Colby Merkt

Human Factors Research Assistant

Anders Orn photo

Anders Orn

Senior Human Factors Scientist

Joseph Pauszek photo

Joseph Pauszek

Senior Human Factors Scientist

Elyse Rossman photo

Elyse Rossman

Human Factors Researcher

Hannah Rusak-Gillrie photo

Hannah Rusak-Gillrie

Senior Human Factors Scientist

Sarai Westbrook photo

Sarai Westbrook

Human Factors Scientist


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