Consumer Product User Experience Research

Consumer products cover an assortment of technologies and systems – kitchen to cubicle, bedroom to backyard. By taking a human-centered approach through our research, we will help you determine what matters most to your users.

Usability Testing

Watch as your users interact with your product – see which aspects they enjoy, find frustrating, and find confusing. Our team will uncover the key motivators and pitfalls for users as they interact with your product.
consumer product user experience_usability testing

Contextual Research

Observe users in their natural environments to learn where, how, and why they use certain products through structured and semi-structured interviews – our team of researchers will help establish a clear overview of the variables at play in your intended use environments.
consumer product user experience_contextual research

Competitive Benchmarking

Establishing a solid basis for where your product ranks in its market is essential to monitoring the efficacy of design recommendations and implementation. Maintaining a human-centered perspective, we will help you identify the status of your product in relation to existing alternatives on the market.
consumer product user experience_competitive benchmarking

Early-State Prototype Evaluation

The effectiveness of change in a product’s design is largest in the early stages of development. Our team will help you determine which changes are critical to satisfying your users’ wants, needs, and expectations.
consumer product user experience_prototype


Out of Box Experience (OOBE) research allows you to understand the important period in a user’s experience between the point of purchase and completion of the setup process. Our team’s goal is to identify weaknesses in a product’s OOBE, to help you optimize user satisfaction.
consumer product user experience_OOBE

Eye Tracking

This is the future of user experience research. You see what the user sees – as well as what they miss. Find out what your users focus on, how long they spend looking at key assets (e.g., images, instructions), and the gaze paths they take between assets.
consumer product user experience_eye tracking