Automotive User Experience and Ergonomics

The automotive industry is changing more now than ever. The rising popularity of ride sharing platforms, autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle features, and electric/hybrid vehicle capabilities have changed users’ expectations in regards to their daily transportation expectations and needs. Our aim is to help automotive companies identify and align with these expectations and needs, informing the design of future infotainment systems and in-vehicle technologies to satisfy user demands.

Usability Testing

Watch as your users interact with your product or system – see which aspects they enjoy, find frustrating or confusing. Our team will uncover the key motivators and pitfalls for users as they interact with your system.

Contextual Research

Observe users in specific use-environments to learn where, how, and why your product or system is used through structured and semi-structured interviews – our team of researchers will help establish a clear overview of the variables at play in your intended use environments.
Automotive user experience_contextual

Competitive Benchmarking

Establishing a solid and confident basis for where your product stands in the market is essential to monitoring the efficacy of design recommendations and implementation. Maintaining a human-centered perspective, we will help you identify the status of your system in accordance with existing alternatives in the market.
Automotive user experience_benchmarking

Early-Stage Prototype Evaluation

The effectiveness of change in a product or system’s design is largest in the early stages of development. Our team will help you determine which changes are critical to satisfying your users’ wants, needs, and expectations.
Automotive user experience_prototype



Automotive user experience_case study